July 12-16, 2020

​​​Coach Koz Fundamental Basketball Camp

July 12-16 2020

camp Info

  • DateS
  • Cost
  • Check-in
  • departure
  • Cancellation/Refunds​
  • Daycampers
  • Housing & SUpervision
  • What to bring
  • Late arrival/early Departure
  • Daily Schedule

Overnight Individual - $495.00

Day Camper Individual - $390.00 (includes lunch & dinner)

*Fee includes room, meals, and partial medical insurance​

Overnight Team with 5 or more - $485.00 per player

Overnight Team with 10 or more - $475.00 per player

$10 off discount for Returning Players!

Deposit Option - $250.00 / Balance Due – July 12 at check-in. 

Each player must complete the online Registration Form and indicate payment type and discount option. Payments will be completed via mail-in check to ensure a discount per player at this time. 

Once you have registered (on-line, by scan/email, or postal mail) you may send your deposit in the mail and pay the remaining balance at check-in on the first day of camp.

Please mail your check to:

​Coach Dan Kosmoski Fundamental Basketball Camp Inc.

13040 Hamburg Ct. Apple Valley, MN 55124


Sunday, July 1:00pm – 3:45pm 

-If you are an overnight camper, please arrive between 1-3 pm to complete all registration, dorm assignment and check into your room

-If you are a day camper, feel free to arrive between 3-3:45pm.

ALL CAMPERS will report directly to the dorm for the initial check-in.  Signs will be set up upon entering campus to direct you to the dorm used for camp. Inside dorm entrance, once you check in with your name, you will go through table stations with information at each. You will turn in/ensure required forms are on hand, the final payment received, dorm assignment/key, T-shirt, 'Cow Tag' ID for shoes, set-up bank money, etc. 

ALL CAMPERS will meet in the Skoglund Gymnasium at 4pm for opening statements and instructions in the main gym.



Overnight campers may checkout on Thursday, July 16 at 2:00 pm.

The camp will conclude on Thursday with a Camp Demonstrations and Awards ceremony beginning at 3:00 pm at Skoglund Gymnasium in the main gym. Parents are encouraged to attend the 45-minute ceremony highlighting the accomplishments of the week!

To request a refund or to cancel, please contact Coach Koz.

Call 507-786-3252 or 507-304-1831


Day campers will have the same ‘camp hours’ as our overnight campers, approximately 8:30 am-9:00 pm. Day campers will need to eat breakfast before they arrive at camp each day during the week – but lunch and dinner will be provided.  Day campers will be able to keep any bags/belongings that they bring to camp each day secure in our camp headquarters while they are participating in the camp. 

Plan on being at camp that first Sunday until approximately 3:00 pm for registration at the dorm.

Parents can drop off and pick up at Skoglund Gymnasium entrance each morning at 8:30 am and pick up in the evening at 9:00 pm for the remaining days of camp.

On the last day of camp, Thursday, July 16 parents are invited to the ceremony at 4 pm and depart at its conclusion.



You can download and complete our physical and consent forms from our Registration page. Please have your child's physician fill out or you can use a school physical as long as it is dated within a year of the first day of camp. You can then upload these forms in the registration section OR bring the physical AND waiver form to the first day of camp.

Your child CANNOT participate in camp without these forms turned in on the FIRST day!



Overnight campers will reside in dorms on St. Olaf College campus. Overnight campers can room with whomever they wish as long as they choose each other.

You will be able to state a roommate preference through the Registration form. All roommates must be registered in order to complete the roommate selection process.

Each overnight camper is issued a room key in which the player is responsible for the return of that key at check-out.


There is always a housing staff person at the front desk of each dorm.  We have camp coaches per floor that stay in the dorms along with our camp staff.  Our camp coaching staff will stay in the dorms on the same floor as campers and all campers will know where the coaches' rooms are located if they need any assistance throughout camp or in the middle of the night. All of our camp staff are required to be run through a background check before being hired to work at our camp. Our camp staff will go through the dorm hallways to make sure everyone is up and ready for breakfast each day and in their rooms each evening.  Your child will get their name checked off for every meal and line-up to make sure they are on time. 



Overnight campers will receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Day campers will receive lunch and dinner.  If your child has a food allergy, please indicate on the medical form and notify our medical staff at check-in on the 1st day.  Please make sure your child eats lunch on Sunday before camp – the 1st meal that day will be dinner.  Meals are for the campers only – extra meals cannot be purchased for parents to eat at camp.

Concessions and pizza will be available in the evenings for campers to purchase. At registration, campers will have the option to have a 'bank' of their own money to use at concessions.



-Appropriate basketball/workout gear -T-shirts, shorts and at least 6 pairs of gym socks 

-An extra pair of shoes/slides is recommended so you are not wearing your court shoes outside 

-Water Bottle

-tape if you tape daily (a trainer is on-site every day as well)
-a fan is a great idea
-swimsuit and swim towel
-personal items/toiletries
-paper, pencil, playing cards, camera, alarm clock
-spending money (for the bank)
-consider whether an iPod or electronic games are necessary. NO Wi-Fi is available

-You are welcome to keep extra waters or snacks in your dorm room if you choose (refrigerators are not provided in the dorm rooms). 

-a fan (most dorms are NOT air-conditioned

*St. Olaf provides pillow, bedding, towel, and face cloth, but your son may bring his own

The Coach Koz Fundamental Basketball Camp is not responsible for any personal items brought to camp.  



If you are arriving late to camp – please e-mail or call 507-304-1831 the week of camp to find out the dorm assignment of your child so you can be provided with appropriate instructions. 

If your child will need to leave during camp, please tell the staff at the Registration table at check-in of the day and the time your child will need to miss.  We understand that everyone has busy schedules and it is helpful for us to know this by the first day of camp to help assure we can communicate the proper drop-off and pick up with you.



YES!  We always welcome parents/family members to come and watch their children/friends/relatives that are at camp.



We will have items available to purchase on the first day of camp as well at the dorms throughout the week.  Your child will have the option to have a 'bank.' This money will be taken at Registration and kept in a safe location with staff. We will also sell small pizzas/snacks and Gatorade each evening. These pizzas range around $7/$8 per pizza. 

 In the past, campers have brought $10-$40 for their camp bank. This is not required and any remaining money in the campers bank will be returned at check-out on the last day of camp.


The Coach Koz Basketball Camp is one of the finest instructional camps in the country. We are proud that our campers adhere to set guidelines and rules. We aim to create an environment that will enhance their learning experiences and give them a positive attitude which is essential in playing a TEAM game!

Any serious violations such as damage or other behavior deemed detrimental to the camp will result in immediate dismissal. NO refunds will be made when such action occurs.


7:15 am Wakeup Call
7:30 am Breakfast
8:40 am Morning Assembly-Roll
8:50 am Warm-up & Line Drills
9:10 am Stations 1,2,3-15 mins
9:55am Free Throws are recorded

10:05am Waterbreak

10:10am Stations 4,5,6

10:40am Freethrows are recorded

10:50am Team Practice

11:20am 3on3

11:55-1:15 Lunch

1:15pm Guest Speaker

2:15pm Central League-Fullcourt Games, West League & East League Contest

3:00pm Leagues rotate 

3:45pm Fastbreak Leagues

4:30pm Everyone to Dorms

4:50-5:50pm Dinner

6:00pm Central League-Fullcourt Games, West League-Film room, East League-Contests

6:45pm Leagues rotate

7:30pm Leagues rotate

8:15pm Central League-Fullcourt games, West League-Swimming option, East League-Contests

9:00pm Leagues Rotate

9:30pm Back to Dorms

10:30pm All campers and counselors on their floor

10:45pm Room check and lights out